Saturday, 1 October 2016

Once we have helped you demolish a building, we can also make sure we clear the site too

Hiring a demolition company for your demolition project is an important step. Regardless of whether you are in need of commercial, industrial, residential or pool demolition services, Nottingham Crane Hire will do the work in the best way possible. In addition to the demolition, we will also clear the site for you. We provide hauling, trucking and disposal at a larger scale that wouldn’t be available for most residential owners. Our team will bring ready dump trucks supply depending on your need. We can also provide large capacity trailers and trucks such as end dump trucks and side dump trailers. The two types of trucks are useful when it comes to moving debris from the demolition offsite – wood and other materials which make up debris from the building.

Moreover, we remove the concrete debris from driveways and slabs and those around the house. By offering site clearance services in addition to the demolition service, we will help you make room for other projects within the shortest time possible. There are many risks associated with demolition. For this reason, you should only hire qualified people to do the work. Our staff will always complete a project cost effectively and also safely. After this, they will ensure that it is ready for other future improvements like constructions. The benefits of relying on one company to do both the demolition and clearing work.

There are several benefits associated with relying on a single company to do the two jobs – demolition and clearing. The following are some of the benefits: -
Reduced time 
One reason why people hire demolition contractors is their ability to execute demolitions safely. They can offer specialised equipment to perform and complete a demolition task effectively and competently. Some of the equipment needed for the job include skid steers, excavators, multi-processor attachments, hydraulic hammers and metal sheer attachments. In addition to offering the equipment necessary for the demolition work, we will also provide the equipment necessary for debris hauling. Therefore, by relying on us to provide the two services, you will significantly reduce the time needed to complete your project.
Reduced costs 
We offer debris clearing services on a scale which wouldn’t be available to most residential owners. What’s more, we offer our services at a more reasonable price. With us, your project will go as planned. The costs involved will also be lower.
Less Paperwork 
By using one company to offer two services, you will reduce the paperwork involved. There will be no need of signing two contracts. With one contract, we will be ready to start the job. If you are planning to demolish any building, contact us today. Our wide range of equipment, site and transport traffic interaction plus our extensive demolition capabilities allows us to handle any project. Also, we are always aiming at reducing the involved risks and increasing project’s efficiency.
If you want to find out more about our services, visit our website at 

Monday, 19 September 2016

Don’t throw old bits of metal away, give us a call and see how much it could be worth

If you are looking for the best Nottingham scrap metal recycling services, go no further than Nottingham Crane Hire. For years, Chris Allsop and his highly dedicated team have facilitated the needs of countless customers and business.

From crane and equipment hire to demolition and site clearance, we offer a full range of services for one all. Our expertise in Nottingham scrap metal recycling is also second to none. In fact, we offer convenient mobile trucks with weighing scales that can arrive at any site or destination. We will weigh your scrap, unwanted, and discarded metals, while offering you top value and cash for them. If you are in the midst of throwing away unwanted metals, please think again. There is a huge market for scrap metal recycling, and Chris and the team pay fast money for any and all metals – regardless of grade of condition.

Types of Metals Accepted 
Nottingham Crane Hire is proud to accept all metals regardless of condition. This includes old computer parts, along with car parts, metallic wiring, jewellery, aluminum, alloy, zinc, and copper, bronze, steel and so much more. There is also a strong demand for flat metal sheets these days – so if you have any of these-bring them into Chris for a timely and professional analysis and assessment. We also handle all paperwork from start to finish, and guarantee top cash on the spot.

Whether clearing out your constructional site or garages, we can easily haul away all items for your convenience. Our trucks feature Lorries that will safely transport all unwanted metals to our site for assessment. We can then pay you at our site or work out a payment arrangement with you as well. While you may be tempted to throw away old metals and components, you are literally throwing cash away. The scrap metal market continues to soar and boom at alarming rates. Chris Allsop and the team are on the pulse of the industry with the best Nottingham facility and services for scrap metal recycling. This includes precise and concise scales, along with timely paperwork handled from start to finish. From old metal utilities and accessories to even geometric furniture, Chris Allsop and NCH accept all metals, alloys, aluminum, tin, and scraps from one and all.

With deep roots in the community, Chris Allsop and the team are always available to help you with all your scrap metal pieces. All it takes is one phone call or e-mail to discuss your options. We accept all metals regardless of grade and condition. As always, we offer top value and above market prices for scrap metals and accessories.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Don’t Stress about Your Demolition Project, Give Chris Allsop a Call and let us Handle the Project for You

Nottingham Crane Hire continues to be an industry leader in demolition and site clearance services. We also offer the best facility for Nottingham scrap metal recycling. With years of extensive industry experience, Chris Allsop and his highly certified team have truly mastered the art of Nottingham demolition services. In fact, they handle all demolition services from start to finish – including walking through customers about the entire process and especially the paperwork.

As your demolition Nottingham experts, Chris and the crew guarantee a timely, affordable, and stress free process for new and existing clients. Nottingham Crane Hire and Demolition Professionals If you are looking to hire a crane for constructional equipment, we feature a full inventory of the latest models and units. Whether for short term, long term, or single day projects – we have the best cranes to meet all your needs within time and budget. Our crane operators and demolition experts are also available for big or small demolition and site clearance projects. Whether for constructional, architectural, or new build projects, we have the tools and expertise to safely remove and clear any structure. As always, we abide by all environmental guidelines and public safety rules when it comes to our projects. This is why we continue to be a strong pillar in the community – with deep roots in Nottingham and with local businesses and clients. 

The Chris Allsop Promise Chris Allstop and team promise a professional, courteous, and friendly experience for all customers. From crane hire and site demolition to scrap metal recycling, we are committed to excellence in all services. We also treat each customer as a member of the Chris Allsop family, and work above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your needs are fully met. Nottingham Crane Hire can even help you plan your next demolition or site clearance project. In fact, we have helped countless clients and businesses plan their demolition and site clearance projects over the years. This includes securing the right equipment, cranes, and tools, along with paperwork and logistics. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to get the best crane hire and demolition Nottingham services. 

Why Choose Chris Allsop? Chris Allsop and his amazing team continue to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews. They are also heralded for providing the best customer services in Nottingham. Not only do they work hard to achieve your desired results, they are genuinely concerned about your project deadlines and details. This is why Chris and the team offer complimentary consultations for all new and existing customers, which helps them and you understand all project requirements and particulars before the process begins. For more information on Chris Allsop and Nottingham Crane Hire, please visit us today at:

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Everything you could ever need to know about cranes under one roof

Having been in the crane hire industry for a long time, we have the know-how and experience important in completing any job safely and with more confidence. In addition to experience, all our team members have the right qualifications. When undertaking any project, they follow the right practise procedures. All equipment are also modern and are properly functioning. Why choose our services There are no two projects that are the same. 

This is why you require a crane hire company which listens to your project requirements, provides you with an innovative solution and one that will help you achieve all your desired goals. Moreover, the service should adapt fast to challenges whenever they arise. Some of the reasons why people in Nottingham are considering our services include:

Reputable history; in some industries, newer is better! However, in crane services, people consider companies with more experience – because they are a more reliable option. With our established crane services you should expect more important strengths such as technical support and extensive parts inventory. 

You might be having a long term project with flexible time frame or you might be in need of immediate emergency services. Perhaps, you already know that not every company the two types of services. This is another reason why most people opt for our services. We are available throughout the week, and we can answer your call at any time. 

A wider range of cranes; We will provide you with the type of crane you require for your project. We have all terrain cranes, city cranes; truck mounted cranes. Moreover, the cranes are available in various sizes, and you will have the chance of selecting the right one for your project. Our operators are competent and highly trained. We also have reliable support teams and traffic management. If you have a heavy lifting project, you will need a hydraulic crane, but if you have smaller jobs such as moving heavy objects indoors, you may need a forklift. 

Regularly inspected and properly maintained equipment; Our routine maintenance enables us to complete all projects safely and efficiently. What’s more, we will provide you with a more reasonable price quote. Also, our company is BS7121 compliant. Regardless of the route, you take – whether you need a crane and an operator, or you need us to assume full responsibility – we will provide you with the best solution. If you are looking for the right crane service for your projects, contact us today. With our services, there will be no need of preparing Risk Assessments and the Method statements. Our team will do this for you. We have people to supervise our lift operators and moreover, all staff has the right qualifications. We provide our clients with the peace of mind they deserve by assuming the full liability and responsibility for lifts.

Monday, 5 September 2016

What do I do if I need a sit cleared? Call Chris Allsop of course!

Nottingham Crane Hire specialises in timely and affordable site clearance services. With years of extensive industry experience, Chris Allstop and his highly dedicated team have the tools and expertise to clear any commercial, constructional, or architectural site. From post-demolition project rubble and debris to pre-project rubbish – our site clearance services continue to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews. As your Nottingham site clearance  experts, we are able to remove building materials, metals, wiring, Sheetrock, concrete slabs, and literally anything you desire. We even take care of all the paperwork and particular from start to finish. This gives you peace of mind, while concentrating on your project only.

Chris Allsop – A Name You Can Always Trust
From site demolition and clearance to scrap metal recycling, Chris Allsop is truly a name you can trust. As a reputable and seasoned company, we are a true pillar in the community and our services are guaranteed to meet all your needs. We understand how frustrating any commercial or industrial clean-up job can be. This is why we offer the best hauling vehicles, along with cranes and all top-rated equipment to facilitate any site clearance project. Our talented technicians and operators also strictly abide by all environmental rules and regulations. This means you get clean, efficient, and most of all – affordable site clearance services within time and budget.

Nottingham Site Clearance Experts
There are several benefits of using NCH for your site demolition and clearance services. This includes but is not limited to:
·         Complete site clearance services – rubble, rubbish, building components, Sheetrock, metal wiring, concrete slabs and much more.
·         Dependable vehicles that easily haul away unwanted items to our yard for safe and environmentally-friendly disposal.
·         Trucks with weighing scales for on the spot metal recycling volumes and quotes – fast cash in your hands for all unwanted and discarded metals, alloys, aluminum, copper, and more.
·         We handle all paperwork and particulars from start to finish – less headache, stress, and tension for you.
·         Professional crane operators, forklift experts, haulers, movers, and anything you need for a safe, efficient, and professional site clearance job.
As your scrap metal recycling, crane hire, and site clearance professionals, Chris Allsop and the team are always here to assist you. Simply visit our site or contact us today for complimentary quotes and assessments. You can also stop by our office to discuss your project details and we will get right to work!

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Safe, professional and efficient demolition services are just a phone call away

Nottingham Crane Hire specialises in professional demolition services for local businesses and clients. With years of extensive industry experience, we are committed to excellence in all demolition projects and site clearance services. For years, Chris Allstop and his team have gone above and beyond to call of duty to ensure hassle-free services for all clients. This includes handling all paperwork from start to finish, along with site clearance and scrap metal recycling services. With convenient mobile and on-site services, we truly offer a complete package of services guaranteed to achieve all your desired results. All it takes is one phone call or e-mail to secure timely, affordable, and efficient Nottingham demolition services.

The Chris Allsop Guarantee
No demolition job or project is ever too big or small for us. We are also fully certified and insured to tackle one-time or recurring projects for constructional, industrial, commercial, and architectural firms. With Chris Allsop, you receive clear, precise, and concise details about the entire project from the get go. This means we work with you every step of the way to ensure timely results, along with meeting all safety regulations and environmental guidelines. From parking lots and new builds to residential and industrial complexes, we offer the best site demolition and clearance services in the UK. This includes but is not limited to:
·         Professional crane operators, forklift technicians, and demolition balls that easily bring down structures in a guided, safe and cost-effective manner.
·         Site clearance services for pre and post-demolition jobs – fast and timely removal of all rubble, Sheetrock, metal wiring, scraps, building cylinders, concrete slabs, and so much more.
·         Fast and safe hauling and moving services of all rubble, rubbish, and debris for safe disposal.
·         Precise assessments and quotes for any scrap metals you want to recycle – mobile services with weight scales on Lorries for quick analysis and fast cash in your hand.
·         We handle all project paperwork and particulars from start to finish – no more headaches, tension, and stress for you and your team.

Nottingham Crane Hire Experts
At NCH, you get much more than just run of the mill services. In fact, our passion and commitment to delivering top-notch services is second to none. This is why Chris Allstop and the team continue to receive great reviews from local and regional clients. They also explain each project facet in detail, which helps reassure our clients and gives them true peace of mind.

Monday, 22 August 2016

We're one of the leading Nottingham Crane Hire companies, so why go anywhere else?

Nottingham Crane Hire is one of if not the top crane company in the area. With years of extensive industry experience, we have helped countless clients and companies with all their crane hire needs. Whether for site demolition or clearance, we offer a full range of cranes, forklifts, and equipment that will truly achieve all desired results. We also make the process smoother by taking care of all paperwork from start to finish. When it comes to Nottingham crane hire services, you truly get reliable and trusted services that will meet all needs within time and budget. All it takes is a simple phone call to Chris Allsop and his team to secure timely, affordable, and effective crane hire services in Greater Nottingham.

The Chris Allsop Experience
Chris Allsop and his professional team are always courteous and truly go those extra miles for clients. From scrap metal recycling and crane hire to demolition site clearance, they simply love what they do and it shows in their work. In fact, it’s their passion and commitment to details and excellence that has made NCH one of the top cranes hires companies in the UK. With a loyal client base and new customers each day, now is the right time to contact Chris and explore the many services he and the team offers. They also feature convenient mobile services for customers that need scrap metals hauled away. Services also include:
·         On-site and mobile metal scrap recycling services – hauling scrap metal parts via Lorries and trucks fitted with scales to our yard – perfect for customers that are pressed for time.
·         Crane hire for all demolition, site clearance, architectural, and constructional projects.
·         Crane accessories, equipment, excavation tools, and most anything industrial related for large or small jobs.
·         Free estimates – all paperwork handled by us from beginning to end.

Quality and Experience
While there are other crane hire companies in the UK – none possess the true passion and commitment to quality than NCH. In fact, we pride ourselves on working to the best of our abilities to meet all our customer needs. If you need a crane and are unsure about the process or where to begin, simply contact us today and we can make it happen. You can also check our website and weekly blog for the latest industry news and informative articles about metal recycling and much more!